Saturday, November 27, 2021

Manger scenes and hanging greens

Manger scenes and hanging greens, signals of a season;

Are we, in these festive scenes, searching for a reason?

Have we in our sound and song, ‘hope” and “joy” and “glory,”

Somehow got the meaning wrong? Have we lost the story?


Listen to the prophets’ call, pointing to deliverance;

Righteousness for one and all, making hope and difference.

Justice is their constant cry, peace their faithful calling;

Pointing to redemption nigh, warning us from falling.


Hear the songs that call us near, pointing to a Savior. 

Zechariah makes us hear of God’s coming favor.

Mary knows God’s blessing true, strength and mercy showing.

John, baptizing, calls anew for repentance growing.


See the visions yet to come, sights that leave us reeling.

Yet we see through all of these Jesus’ own revealing. 

Hear the call to stand and wait, watchful and unfailing; 

Never fearing any fate, knowing God’s prevailing.


As we make our way ahead, seeking out the stable,

Let us, by the Spirit led, live as we are able:

Doing justice, seeking peace, righteousess fulfilling,

Keeping watch with hope and joy as our Lord is willing.



TEXT: Charles Spence Freeman, November 2021.

MUSIC: Suggested tune TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM, Piae Cantiones, 1582. 

I'm not sure what this one is nor where it came from. I can only surmise that the preparation for Advent this season seems fraught with the urge not to "lose the plot" of the Christian walk in the progress through Advent to Christmas. Maybe that's a particular concern in a time when even the most faithful of us are susceptible to the urge to seek comfort at the expense of faithfulness? I don't know, but make of it what you will. 


  1. I love this! Probably have to save for next year, since all the hymns have been planned in advance.