Thursday, October 13, 2022

In life, in death, we are God's own

In life, in death, we are God's own, in this life and beyond.

Through Jesus's grace, through God's true love, through Holy Spirit's bond,

We trust in God, the One in Three, in Israel's Holy One. 

We serve and worship God alone, from now till time is done.


We trust in Jesus, man and God, whose life became our call.

We trust in the creating God, we in that image all.

We trust in Holy Spirit who renews our life each day.

In Spirit's power, with thanks to God, we serve in Christ's own way.


With all who claim the name of Christ, in every time and place,

Rejoice that none can keep us from God's love in Jesus's grace.

All glory to the Father high, all glory to the Son,

All glory to the Spirit dear, the blessed Three in One.



TEXT: Charles Spence Freeman, October 2022, after A Brief Statement of Faith.

MUSIC: Suggested tune RESIGNATION, USA folk melody, Lewis's Beauties of Harmony, 1828.



Still contemplating A Brief Statement of Faith. While the middle verse cannot possibly hope to encompass the richness of those three central sections of the statement, this hymn does give the opening and closing of the statement their time to shine. As for the tune, apparently when in doubt I run to RESIGNATION.  

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