Saturday, November 23, 2019

Keep watch

Keep watch, O Christian people! Awake, keep watch, and wait!
Though the Lord may tarry yet, God will surely not be late.
Even though we do not know the hour and do not know the date,
Wake, keep watch, and wait! Wake, keep watch, and wait!

Keep watch, O Christian people! Salvation now is near!
For the night is giving way, and the day is nearly here!
Shun the works of darkness grim and put away your quarreling here;
See salvation near! See salvation near!

Keep watch, O Christian people! Forget what’s come before!
Still the day is coming when war and sword shall be no more.
Nations all shall fear the Lord and sing his praise from shore to shore.
War shall be no more! War shall be no more!

TEXT: Charles Spence Freeman, 2019, after Advent 1A scriptures
MUSIC: Tune IN DULCI JUBILO (“Good Christian Friends, Rejoice”).
            German folk melody, 14th cent.

An amalgam of ideas from the scriptures for the first Sunday of Advent, year A (Isaiah 2:1-5, Matthew 24:36-44, and even Romans 13:11-14). Also, it makes use of a familiar tune that can be difficult to fit in during the Christmas season. The Advent season for which I am preparing is using a progressive theme of "Watch-Prepare-Rejoice-Behold," which seems to fit with the lectionary well this year, instead of the Hope-Peace-Joy-Love that seems to have become rather common. This is meant to fit in with and help emphasize that first step of the season.

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