Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We sing of God

We sing of God, Creator High, the Sovereign on whom we rely

For life and breath and everything that makes the faithful heart to sing.


We sing of God, redeeming Son by whom all victory is won, 

Who showed us love and taught us prayer and charges us his truth to share.


We sing of God, the Spirit free, sustaining us so we might be,

From tongues like fire to wordless sighs, upheld in faith and rendered wise.


We sing of holy mystery, this undivided Trinity,

And praises give in everything to this one God of whom we sing.



TEXT: Charles Spence Freeman, May 2021.

MUSIC: Possible tunes:

            WAREHAM, William Knapp, 1738.

            WINCHESTER NEW, Musikalisches Handbuch, 1650; harm. William Henry Havergal, 1847; alt.

            TALLIS’ CANON, Thomas Tallis; adapt. Parker’s Whole Psalter, c. 1561.

A hymn for Trinity Sunday, in which for all the work of trying to say something the last thing to speak of is mystery, that is, to admit to not knowing. This seems wise for the whole doctrine of the Trinity.

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