Wednesday, June 3, 2020

It was written by the prophet

It was written by the prophet named Isaiah in that day: 
"See, a messenger before you, one who will prepare your way."
Crying out in darkest night, one who comes to show the light.

"In this time of bleakest chaos, now prepare the Lord a way;
Make a path both true and certain for the One who comes this day."
Prophet words foretold the light, all amidst the dark of night.

John was he who spoke this message, out in Jordan's wilderness;
Preaching and baptizing freely, both to chastise and to bless
All who did confess their sin. Then he placed this hope within:

"He who comes with heav'nly power brings the Spirit now to bless,
Far beyond this splash of water in this lonely wilderness."
Now prepare your hearts within, that your life be whole again.

TEXT: Charles Spence Freeman, June 2020, after Mark 1:1-8 (Advent 2B)
MUSIC: Tune IRBY, Henry John Gauntlett, 1849. (

Another hymn for the Advent Hymnary project.

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